Nasdaq Listing Brings BTCS to Mainstream Markets — CoinDesk

But the trend is also working the other way, as more crypto firms are going mainstream. Some are adding traditional financial services products, such as FX or options trading, to their product suites. Others are applying to be regulated by the traditional market regulators. A third way this trend is playing out is by crypto firms seeking the ultimate market recognition: a listing on the U.S. public equity markets. Source link

Play-to-Earn Is Already the Biggest Star in the Metaverse

If you want to play the role of God, you can’t overlook the fish. This is the implied message of a woman named Kelsei, aka “Pandapops,” who, over a video live-stream, gives a class on how to create digital worlds. Imagine an empty grid. Then the grid is filled with an aquarium, water and spooky fish. One of the fish has creepy eyes. One has a weird little tail. One looks like an alien. Pandapops is upbeat and friendly, with a British accent and bright blue hair. “I really wanted…

Layer 2 Network Arbitrum Experiences Hourlong Network Outage — CoinDesk

“We’re very excited, very humbled by the support we’ve gotten,” said Goldfeder of the network’s launch. “Today’s the day we can finally provide scaling for the Ethereum user. But as exciting as that is, we’re rolling up our sleeves because there’s still work to be done. It’s still a mainnet beta, and there’s still steps to take to full decentralization.” Source link