Qilin Puts Liquidity at the Heart of Crypto Derivatives — CoinDesk

Qilin’s technical team has been active in the crypto markets since 2017. It has extensive experience of public blockchain development in multiple major blockchains and has been developing in DeFi since 2018. Another part of the team behind Qilin Protocol comes from a market making background. Over the years, having served over 400 crypto projects, Qilin has ascertained key business cases for crypto assets and the importance of business models for an exchange. Ultimately, Qilin Protocol will be the Uniswap for derivatives, based on both the business services that it…

Coinbase Has Words for the SEC. Is It Listening?

But, according to Coinbase, the warning, which will likely block the launch of the Lend product, was issued after months of borderline stonewalling by the regulator. According to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, that began as early as May, when he visited Washington, D.C., to meet with various lawmakers and regulators. Source link