How NFTs Fit Into DeFi

At the same time, the code underlying them, not much different from the structure of a cryptocurrency token, makes it easy to integrate even simple image NFTs into more complex financial products. The most valuable NFTs are already being “fractionalized,” or split up into more affordable chunks for sale to investors, a process that is overseen by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Source link

The Bored Ape Founders Haven’t Yet Joined the Yacht Club — CoinDesk

Gargamel: We’ve seen it already, which is why it was so interesting. Since 2017, on Twitter, you’d see all these guys who are s**t-posting all day and asking, “Hey, does anyone wanna play a game of League?” You know that these guys, or at least some of them, have hundreds of millions of dollars, and this is what they’re doing. What we’re seeing on Twitter is that the people who understand it – they don’t want to be on South Beach, hanging out with models. They want to be with…